In 1921, Knud Jacobsen, a Danish immigrant who arrived in Racine, Wisconsin in 1891, demonstrated the Four Acre Mower, the first machine equipped with a motor specifically tailored to power mower components. Today, 94 years later, Jacobsen remains committed to designing, building and delivering industry-leading turf maintenance equipment. This singular focus led to the legendary quality of cut for which Jacobsen is known throughout the world.

Innovation has been at the heart of our business and has resulted in numerous industry’s firsts including the riding greens mower; the lightweight fairway mower; the turf groomer; the all-electric riding greens mower and the magnetic bedknife to name but a few.

Further enhancing the operation, maintenance and ownership of Jacobsen equipment, we have expanded the capabilities of our mowers, including: all-electric and hybrid power technologies, cutting diameter, mower weight, turning capabilities, maintenance time and quality of cut.

Thanks to our unrivalled understanding of turf maintenance, Jacobsen equipment is trusted to maintain some of the world’s most prestigious and sacred areas, such as royal palace lawns, football gridirons, soccer stadiums, legendary golf courses, cemeteries and monuments, including the White House.